Lawn & Landscape Extermination Services

Protect Your Property with Our Lawn Maintenance Program

In addition to traditional pest control, our team is proud to offer lawn and landscape care for our Palm Beach and Broward County customers.From ants and ticks that prevent you from enjoying the outdoors, to rodents, spiders, and other pests around the perimeter of your property, Haggerty Pest Service has you covered.

Haggerty Pest Service’s lawn and landscape spraying is specifically designed with your property in mind. We will eliminate unwanted pests before an infestation occurs and provide the protection your property needs.

Our team of highly trained professionals will identify the pests most likely to invade your property’s interior. We use a proven, regular maintenance method to protect your property from infestation.

Perimeter Spraying

Our perimeter spraying treatment is applied directly to the exterior of your home.

We’ll treat your home’s foundation and other areas of entry to create a protective barrier against pesky visitors. Our perimeter spraying treatment will serve as a chemical barrier to stop pests before they enter your home or storefront.

Lawn Spraying

Increase your home’s value with Haggerty Pest Control’s lawn spraying treatment.

This powerful spraying application of all grass area places a safe chemical treatment to stop ants, cinch bugs, sod webworm, grubs, fleas, and other insects from destroying your lawn.

Ornamental Spraying

When you request our ornamental spraying services, our technicians will apply special chemicals as well as horticultural oils to keep your plants free from insects and disease.

Insects attacking ornamental plants and trees may not be affected by a traditional lawn spraying procedure. At Haggerty Pest Service, our technicians are highly trained professionals experienced in spraying special chemicals that are most effective for ornamentals.

When it comes to ornamental spraying, count on Haggerty Pest Service. Our team has the experience and training needed to handle any and all spray treatments for lawn and landscape care.

Fungus Treatment

Is your property suffering from Take-All Root Rot? TARR, also known as Take-All Patch, is a serious root rot disease causing by soil-borne fungus. TARR disease eats away at grass roots, which leads to system root failure, resulting in a dead lawn.

TARR is triggered by heavy rainfall and stressed turf grass, especially during the summer and early fall months during South Florida’s rainy season. If not treated quickly, any stress places on the turf grass can worsen your TARR problem.

Take-All Root Disease in Boca Raton

TARR has been confirmed in Boca Raton and all surrounding areas of South Florida.

Early symptoms of TARR appear as chlorosis, a condition in which leaves insufficient chlorophyll.

As chlorophyll is responsible for the green color of plant leaves and grass blades, chlorotic leaves are categorized by their pale, yellow, or yellow-white appearance. The yellowing grass blades eventually die and become brown, resulting in grass stem death.

The roots will become short, blackened, and rotten. If TARR has taken over all of your lawn, ugly patches of bare ground and broad leaf weeds are left for you to take care of.

Fungicides are the most effective when they are applied prior to system development. At Haggerty Pest Service, we utilize Heritage Fungicide on all Take-All Root Rot.  After we apply this peat moss topdressing treatment, the PH level in the peat moss will raise and discourage the growth of the disease.

We suggest that this chemical control measure be scheduled once a year in the spring or fall to keep a healthy, green lawn year round.

Keep Your Lawn Looking Beautiful with Haggerty Pest Service

Is your property at risk for TARR? If you’re concerned about the health of your lawn and landscape, call Haggerty Pest Service today. Our professionals will help set you up with an affordable, custom pest control and lawn care maintenance program that works best for you and your property.

Interested in learning more about what our pest control service can do for you? Call us today!