Whitefly Treatment in South Florida

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Keep your residential or commercial property green and healthy with Whitefly Treatment & Control from Haggerty Pest Service. Regular whitefly treatments will keep your plants and trees protected from damaging whitefly infestations all season long.

A Serious Threat to South Florida Landscapes

South Florida is home to a number of different species of whitefly that can leave costly damage to your property. Whiteflies are characterized by their needle-like mouth, and are visually similar to a white moth. White flies damage plants by penetrating the leaf surface and feeding on its nutrients. This results in yellowing and stunting of leaves that will eventually lead to leaf drop, or death of the tree or plant.

There are over 75 different species of whitefly in Florida alone. The most common species of whitefly that causes the most damage for landscapers are the ficus whitefly and rugose spiraling whitefly.

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The Ficus Whitefly

Since 2009, the ficus whitefly has spread quickly throughout Southeast Florida and has been causing extensive damage to ficus and other fig species. The life cycle of the ficus whitefly is approximately one month. Eggs are laid on the underside of leaves where they will hatch and grow into their adult size within two to three weeks.

Defoliation is the number one sign of ficus whitefly. However, by the time defoliation occurs, the plant has already suffered through several generations of the insect. It’s important that you inspect your ficus plants for signs of newly hatched nymphs for the best results from a professional pest control service.

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 The Rugose Spiraling Whitefly

This species of whitefly attacks a wide variety of vegetation including many species of Florida palms, gumbo limbo trees, callophyllum trees, and black olive trees.

The spiraling whitefly is three time larger than most other species of whiteflies, and is characterized by the spiraling pattern in which they lay their eggs.

Spiral whitefly is different from other species of whitefly because they produce a larger amount of honeydew excrement that causes buildup on plant leaves, swimming pool drains, and other outdoor property.

Spiral whitefly damage to trees and plants can also be extensive, causing plant decline, defoliation, and branch die-back.

What to Look For

Worried about whitefly? If you find clusters of white spirals and white, waxy substance buildup on the underside of leaves, your property may be at risk for whitefly infestation.

Whiteflies invade in colonies and typically affect vegetable garden and ornamental plants and trees. You will notice when a plant has been infested by its yellow leaves and disfiguration. This damage is caused by the feeding of whiteflies on the plant’s cells. Look for dark mold on the leaves, as these are caused by whitefly excrement.

Inspect areas of your property’s plants and trees that have new growth, as these are breeding grounds for whiteflies. Older plants may also require regular treatments, as they are most prone to be affected by larvae and pupae infestation, particular on the lower leaves.

Swimming pools are also susceptible to whitefly. South Florida’s Spiraling whiteflies deplete chlorine in pools and cause filter clogging. Whitefly excrement can also accumulate on cars or outdoor patio furniture if under an infested tree or plant.

Regular whitefly treatments are important in order to protect the leaves of your plants and property.

Effective & Eco-Friendly Whitefly Treatment in Boca Raton

Don’t let unwanted pests take over your property. Our expert pest control technicians bring years of experience in eliminating whitefly and use only the most advanced pest control techniques to prevent future infestations.

The No-Drill Injection Solution

When you call Haggerty Pest Service, we’ll provide you with an effective and eco-friendly method for treating whitefly. This safe and eco-friendly whitefly removal is perfect for treating homes, condominiums, country clubs, golf courses, office and industrial complexes, retail properties, and more.

Advantage of the Direct Injection Method:

  • No spraying- We’ll provide you with peace of mind knowing that chemical drift concerns are eliminated.
  • Does not damage plants or leave open wounds or holes in trees and leaves.
  • Less invasive application; chemical is applied directly into the plant’s vascular system.
  • Environmentally responsible; people, pet, and plant-friendly treatment that provides quick and manageable control.

When it comes to pests, don’t wait until it’s too late.

Call Haggerty Pest Service today and we can discuss a custom whitefly treatment and pest control plan that works for you. Our team is proud to provide fast and reliable service for our clients throughout Palm Beach, Broward, and Martin Counties:


  • Homes
  • Condominiums
  • Country Clubs
  • Golf Courses
  • Office and Industrial Complexes
  • Retail Properties

…. all depend on Haggerty Pest Service for effective whitefly treatment and prevention.

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